Try to finish short dungeon crawler, where you will need to find the pair of the card to progress. Fight monsters, collect potions and pray on altars!

Every time you open a new tile - you must find the pair. If you fail, item will disappear and monster will hit you. If you succeed, item will boost you somehow and monster will be immediately defeated.

All the damage you get is first applied to the stamina and then to the health. Any opened tile recover you 1 stamina.


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Nice update to the card matching formula, and makes that gameplay a lot more interesting than vanilla.

Thank you! We decide to develop it further and make it even more deep and intresting


Beat it! It's alright. Audio feedback was satisfying. Looks neat too, though I'm not a big fan of the mixed bag of non-pixelart and pixelart with varying pixel sizes. Congrats on finishing!

Thank you!